♀P3rf3cT♂ 2008 CooL KinG Result~!


♀P3rf3cT♂ 2008 CooL KinG Result~!

帖子 由 P^f3ct^K1nkiN 于 周二 七月 07, 2009 10:02 pm

Result of CooL KinG competition in our guild~!
Today just got few ppl on9...so just got 2 team...1 team 3 ppl...all play with random mode...every match 3 rounds...below is result~!
Team A-P^f3ct^K1nkiN & P^f3ct^ShEnG_ZaI & P^f3ct^Jas
Team B-P^f3ct^WaltZ & P^f3ct^SunNiE & P^f3ct^ym

Team A match result below:
Team A 1st round random-Elva is black

Team A 2nd round random-la la love

Team A 3rd round random-Qiang sheng

Team B match below(P^f3ct^YenyeN no count in this comp):
Team B 1st round random-She bang

Team B 2nd round random-Toxic

Team B 3rd round random-Set me free(i forgot ss but i got write down result)
P^f3ct^WaltZ-820 cool, P^f3ct^ym-521 cool, P^f3ct^SunNiE-81 cool

So Team A-P^f3ct^ShEnG_ZaI and Team B P^f3ct^ym pk for 3rd place,
Team A-P^f3ct^K1nkiN and Team B P^f3ct^WaltZ pk for 1st or 2nd place~!
Below is result:

P^f3ct^ShEnG_ZaI VS P^f3ct^ym 1st round random-San guo lian

P^f3ct^ShEnG_ZaI VS P^f3ct^ym 2nd round random-Wo bu zai hu

P^f3ct^K1nkiN VS P^f3ct^WaltZ 1st round random-Niu zai hen mang

P^f3ct^K1nkiN VS P^f3ct^WaltZ 2nd round random-I say yeah

P^f3ct^K1nkiN VS P^f3ct^WaltZ 3rd round random-Without Your love
(ss le but forgot post, pic gone le...but the result still remember)
P^f3ct^K1nkiN-808 cool, P^f3ct^WaltZ-829 cool...lose a bit=.=

P^f3ct^ym 2-0 P^f3ct^ShEnG_ZaI
So 3rd is P^f3ct^ym~!
P^f3ct^K1nkiN 1-2 P^f3ct^WaltZ
So 2nd is P^f3ct^K1nkiN(me)~!
1st is P^f3ct^WaltZ~ppb02
P^f3ct^WaltZ is CooL KinG in our guild~!

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回复: ♀P3rf3cT♂ 2008 CooL KinG Result~!

帖子 由 [YoRu]-KaZe_K9- 于 周三 七月 08, 2009 1:29 pm

wa....kinkin u r cool queen ! die


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回复: ♀P3rf3cT♂ 2008 CooL KinG Result~!

帖子 由 P^f3ct^K1nkiN 于 周四 七月 09, 2009 12:15 am

lolzzz~u wan be cool king bo? good

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