SDO-X & CSO Grand Final Tournament The Explosion of Fun & Stimulation!


SDO-X & CSO Grand Final Tournament The Explosion of Fun & Stimulation!

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SDO-X & CSO Grand Final Tournament
The Explosion of Fun & Stimulation

Date: 03-08-2009
Venue: Genting Highland
Time: 2.00pm -10.30pm

SDO-X Summer Passion Grand Final Tournament & CSO Grand National
Final Tournament will conquer thousands of online players’ hearts in
this hot & passionate August! Lots of great events such as Gamble
Session, Celebration ***, are waiting for your attendance. Moreover,
the participants will get a golden chance to show the brilliant
gameplay skills in front of crowds and win the CHAMPION!

2.00pm- Registration for CSO, SDO-X, Guess-N-Win Section
2.30pm- CSO and SDO-X Tournament (Session 1)
4.30 pm- Break Cooling Time
5.00pm- CSO and SDO-X Tournament (Session 2)
7.00pm – Tournament Ends
8.30pm – Celebration *** (Include: Buffet)
9.30pm – Game : Free Trial

Guess-N-Win Section
With buying CiBmall points, everyone is entitled to take part in “Who’s
Going to Win the Champion?” contest. Just guess who will win the
Tournament and give a vote, and then if you can guess the right one,
you will grab valuable and unique virtual in-game items!

TLBB Free Trial Section
Yearns to immerse you into the magnificent China Ancient World? We also
prepare a FREE trial play section and 10 PCs will be provided for
players to have a joyful try on the top-rated game of CiB,
Online> (Tian Long Ba Bu). Moreover, there will be 2 attractive
Cosplayers who invite the public to try the game, and lead the players
to enjoy the game. Those who join Free Trial Game can get the goodies
Prizes: 2pm to 8pm
Door Gift: CiB Goodies Bag

Details of Awards

For CSO Grand National Final Tournament Details ... &extra=page%3D1

For Sdo-X season 2 Summer Passion Final Tournament Details ... &extra=page%3D1

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